Baby Feet Cast in Glass

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A lovely pair of tiny baby feet cast in glass.  Glass is a wonderfully contemporary medium for casts and can be made in several different colours. A pair of newborn feet cost from £565 and pair of newborn hands from £595.   Please see our price list for older babies and children or contact us for more information. We are happy to accommodate requests for complete sets of hands and feet or single hands or feet – just call to discuss your requirements.

Glass Cast Baby Hand and Foot

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A single glass cast baby hand and foot.  The glass highlights every line and crease to create a lasting memento of those early years. Please contact us for prices.  

Three Hands Cast in Glass

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Family group of three hands cast in glass that will be treasured forever. Please contact us for prices.  

Face Profile Cast in Glass


Child's face profile cast in crystal glass. Prices from £950.

Examples of Coloured Glass Cast Baby Feet

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Coloured glass cast baby feet: here is a very small selection of the huge array of colours available Prices start at £665 for a pair of newborn feet and £695 for a pair of newborn hands. Please see our pricelist for older babies. We can also make coloured glass blocks and bookends - please contact us for details and prices.