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Pre-order one of the first four pieces from Alexandra Felstead’s new collection before 31st March 2019 and receive 10% off your order and a card signed by ‘Binky’ herself giving you a further 10% off all items purchased until 1st June 2019. Enter code AFLAUNCH at checkout. Please see T&Cs*

*In order to receive initial engraved items by Mother’s Day you must place your order by Friday 22nd March.  For fingerprint engraved items, we must have the fingerprint by the Friday 22nd March.  For all other stock items the deadline for ordering is Wednesday 27th March.  Items for Mother’s Day will be sent out, next day delivery, on Thursday 28th March.  While stocks last!

Binky walks in and genuinely it’s like a breath of fresh air. Dressed in an oversized cable knit jumper and pushing a pram, she could be like any other young mummy on a day out, but she isn’t. Accompanied by her truly adorable daughter India, and greeting everyone with warm hugs, there’s a vitality to her company which is infectious and disarming. There is something odd about the medium of television that tends to add years and inches to a person, which makes Binky all the more ethereal and youthful, and of course undeniably beautiful in person.

She first got to know Philippa Herbert after her daughter’s godfather gave her a necklace with a gold disc and India’s fingerprint engraved on it for her birthday. On Mother’s Day, she posted a picture on Instagram of her sleeping baby next to the necklace and the reaction she got was phenomenal. “I wasn’t actually trying to plug Philippa Herbert, but the number of messages I got coming back was a joke. They were saying now amazing it was, how much they loved it. It crashed their website!”

She has always had a love of jewellery, “It’s the first thing I look at when I meet someone, their hands, their necks, their ears.” So, the next step of approaching Philippa Herbert seemed a very natural one. “They are my favourite brand, I love them to pieces, everything they do is amazing. So, I said to my managers, can we have a word and see if they want to collaborate?”

At this point JP, her ex-boyfriend and India’s father, pops in to take India off her hands for some lunch so she can properly concentrate. It can’t be easy to go through a relationship, pregnancy and break up all very publicly, but you are left with a real sense of what a team these two are for their daughter. Once they are both safely ensconced around the corner, Binky sits back down with a coffee and gets into the details of what happened next.

The line marks a change in how she feels about herself and the importance of growth. Having been known to millions as Binky from the hit show Made is Chelsea, her collection is called Alexandra Felstead and you get the sense that this is now a new chapter for her. “For me it’s really important and exciting. I think that’s the next transition in my life, the kind of grown up Alexandra coming out.”

It seems only right that it was a piece of meaningful jewellery that instigated her teaming up with Philippa and Sally, who were unsurprisingly delighted to be approached. All through her upbringing, jewellery has been part of seminal moments of Binky’s life, from her childhood right up to when she was expecting India. This is the basis of the Alexandra Felstead line and has served as great inspiration for the collection.

“When I was going to boarding school, my mother bought me a locket with a picture of my father and her in it. When I felt homesick, it felt amazing to have it around my neck. So, we have our own little locket in the collection. We have got another ring that my grandmother told my mother to give to me when I was expecting India. It’s a very beautiful diamond ring and we are going to modernise it, make it cooler as it is quite old-fashioned. Everything that’s in the collection means something, it’s got a story behind it.”

Binky also loves the fact that pieces that are sentimental to her can become part of someone else’s story. “My father gave my mother an eternity ring when she was expecting me, a zigzag diamond ring. I gave it to Sally and Philippa and they’ve re-modelled it to make is more wearable and now everyone can have that ring in their collection. But obviously it’s still personal as my father passed away so it means an awful lot to me.”

Sally and Philippa share her excitement about the launch and seeing the results of all the hard work that has gone into what will be a twelve-piece collection. It is not only inspired by existing jewellery, but also new designs that are fresh and vibrant. When asked who she hoped would be wearing her pieces, Binky answered emphatically. “Everyone!”

“There are some really fun and cool multicoloured designs – the diamond stacking rings are beautiful – and massive – you can’t miss them! The huggies, the stars, everything is quite in your face and I love that, but then you also have quite delicate pieces of jewellery as well.”

It is not just how the jewellery looks which is important, but also how it makes you feel. “As I’m a massive spiritualist, we’ve used a lot of stones that have meaning, such as the birthstone necklaces and bracelets – I love the fact that you can wear something to essentially make yourself feel better and which work on your chakras.”

In contrast to a lot of jewellery that seems to complete a contemporary look or new trend, the Alexandra Felstead line is about beautiful and wearable designs that are also timeless, investment pieces. There is a broad price range which makes them accessible but the quality of the work, solid gold and stones in all the designs make them a valuable addition to anyone’s collection. “I believe in spending money on jewellery and handbags! I don’t spend so much on clothes or shoes, just jewellery and handbags.”

Her joy of working on something that is such a personal journey is very apparent when she talks about it. “This is the most exciting project I have done in a very long time.” With the emphasis on quality, sentimentality and longevity, Binky’s feels her collection is a natural fit with Philippa Herbert. “I believe in it and I love the pieces.”