- Keep Your Family Close with Our Fingerprint Engraved Fine Jewellery -

Keep your family close to you with our fingerprint engraved fine jewellery.

At Philippa Herbert, we understand the importance of sentiment and the immeasurable value of those objects in our lives that hold real meaning. The wonderful thing about our jewellery is that it is uniquely personal and it is designed to be an elegant reminder of the people that we love.

This is never more evident than with our fingerprint jewellery range, where you can take the most important people in your life with you wherever you go. Wearing a fingerprint engraved charm on a necklace or a bracelet is a wonderful way of keeping your family close to you.  For over eleven years we have been creating these beautiful hand engraved solid gold or solid silver pieces, taking the phrase ‘jewellery with meaning’ to a whole new level.

All our work is imbued with meaning and that is our core company ethos.  Whether this is designing a bespoke birthstone bracelet, casting the heavenly feet of your new born babies in bronze, silver, gold, plaster or glass, or even re-jigging your unworn pieces of jewellery into modern classics you won’t want to take off, we want our work to be about you. Collaborating with our clients is also one of our great joys, so our bespoke jewellery projects are a real passion.  From engagement rings and eternity rings for new mothers to reworking inherited pieces, Sally and Philippa and our team of inhouse goldsmiths will work closely with you to help turn something in your imagination into the beautiful piece you’ve always wanted.

We very much hope we have the privilege of working with you soon, and creating pieces you love to celebrate all those special occasions in your life.