- Terms & Conditions -

Save in respect of goods made from precious metals, the price of the goods shall be the price listed in Philippa Herbert Ltd.’s published price list current at the date Philippa Herbert Ltd. accepts your order or such other price as may be agreed in writing by Philippa Herbert Ltd. and you.  In the case of error, Philippa Herbert Ltd. reserves the right to change the price.

The price of precious metals fluctuates on an almost daily basis.  Where the price per ounce of a particular metal increases by more than 5% in the period between Philippa Herbert Ltd. accepting your order, and the order being completed, Philippa Herbert Ltd. reserves the right to change the price of the goods to take account of this increase in costs.

The price is exclusive of any applicable value added tax, sales or taxes of a similar nature which are imposed by any competent fiscal authority in respect of the goods, which you shall be additionally liable to pay Philippa Herbert Ltd.

In addition to the invoiced price of the goods you will be liable for all import duties applicable in your location.

Unless otherwise stated all quoted pricing is in Pounds Sterling and is inclusive of VAT.

Bespoke Jewellery:

Philippa Herbert Ltd. is entitled to claim authorship for and shall be the owner of Intellectual Property Rights created in the course of suppling the goods; in short all designs produced by Philippa Herbert Ltd. are owned by Philippa Herbert Ltd.

Delivery of casts:

Prices for goods to be delivered to a delivery address within the UK do not include the cost of delivery.  The cost of delivery will be added to your invoice, if you would prefer to collect your goods from Philippa Herbert Ltd. please contact our Customer Services department as soon as possible. You will be notified of the price of delivery to delivery addresses outside of the UK and payment will be requested from you in advance of the goods being delivered.Delivery of the goods shall be made by Philippa Herbert Ltd. using a courier service such as Fedexor postal service such as Royal Mail or by such other method as Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall choose.

You will be given an estimate of the delivery date at the time Philippa Herbert Ltd. accept your order.  Philippa Herbert Ltd. will use their reasonable endeavours to meet any delivery deadline specified by you, but all delivery items offered by Philippa Herbert Ltd. are to be treated as reasonable estimates and no penalty can be accepted for non-compliance with them.

If unforeseen circumstances arise, which prevent Philippa Herbert Ltd. from meeting a delivery deadline specified by you, Philippa Herbert shall notify you as soon as reasonably possible with as much advanced notice as circumstances allow.

Damaged Goods and Returns:

Many of Philippa Herbert Ltd.goods are made of materials, such as glass, which may be damaged if not handled with care.  Philippa Herbert Ltd. packages all goods with protective packaging to minimise the risk of damage during transport.

If any goods received by you are in an unsatisfactory condition the following courses of action must be taken:

If the outer packaging is visibly damaged, then the goods should be signed for only after you have noted that the packaging has been damaged.

If the goods are found to be damaged after unpacking, you must inform Philippa Herbert Ltd. immediately and we will arrange with you for the goods to be returned to Philippa Herbert Ltd.

Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall bear no liability to you for damage which is not reported to them within 48 hours of you receiving the goods.

Any returns made to Philippa Herbert Ltd. for any reason, at any time, must be packaged in the original packaging or its direct equivalent and transported by a courier or postal service chosen by Philippa Herbert Ltd.

Where notification of damage is given in accordance with the above, Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall either replace the goods with goods of satisfactory quality or (at their option) shall credit you with the price of the goods.

Philippa Herbert Ltd. stands by its products which are handcrafted and unique to each customer order.  Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall endeavour to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the goods.  However, complaints about the goods which relate to matters other than the satisfactory quality of the goods, shall not entitle you to either replacement goods or the return of the price of the goods unless expressly agreed in writing by Philippa Herbert Ltd.

Glass casts may contain unique internal features such as swirls, clouding and small air bubbles.  These are the natural result of the glass casting process and are not caused by a defect in either the materials or workmanship.  Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall provide you with samples of glass casts in advance of you placing your order.  These markings will not render the goods of unsatisfactory quality or entitle you to either replacement goods or the return of the price of the goods.

Plated Products:

Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall use all reasonable care and skill to ensure that items sent to Philippa Herbert Ltd. for plating are not damaged or lost during the plating process.  However, Philippa Herbert Ltd. shall not be liable for any damage or loss to your items whatsoever and howsoever such damage or loss may be caused.